Monday’s schools’ visits (From the archive)

I had two separate schools’ visits from Letchworth Garden City to the House of Commons today.

These were 6th Formers from St Francis in the morning and Fearnhill in the afternoon – two good local schools.

With St Francis, I held a Q&A with the young students. We started on the dire state of the economy, but the focus soon turned to the Education and Skills Bill. A lively debate ensued – with one bright girl asking me four questions! A possible parliamentarian of the future, no doubt. Then I showed the students and teacher Mary Fenton round the building. As always, they were bowled over by the sheer grandeur of the Westminster Palace and its history.

In the afternoon, Fearnhill students – with teacher Jan Lindsay – popped in after a London conference on conflict. We talked about the current conflict in Zimbabwe and I drew upon my recent experiences in South Africa, where I met displaced Zimbabweans and delegations from neighbouring countries and spoke about security and human rights at an international conference.

We finished and I went on to speak in the House on the subject of Energy Security, which gave me a chance to call for better measures on energy efficiency and renewable energy, but to raise concerns about on-shore wind-farms in Hertfordshire.

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