Moving House (From the archive)

This week we’ve also been trying to sort ourselves out in our new home in Royston.

We had mixed feelings as we left the house that has been our family home for 25 years. Naturally we had many happy memories of the children growing up there, but they have moved on now and Christine and I felt we should “downsize” a bit.

Moving into our new home, makes me think of all the new couples wishing to buy their first house and start their own family, and I worry for their chances. It is of great importance that we create a country which gives young people the same opportunities we once had.

I like our Conservative pledge to abolish stamp duty on homes under £250K for first-time buyers, I think that would really help in our area.

For now though I am trying to learn about growing vegetables, as we have inherited a well tended vegetable patch at the new place.

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