True Grit

In the real World, life is a slog and things don’t come easy. The British know this and I am sure that our natural grit will carry us through the tough months ahead. There isn’t a bottomless pit of money for individuals or governments and we need to get back to “being sensible” – spending less, paying off debt, trying to save a bit. We all know Britain has borrowed too much nationally and individually. It is time for a break from the culture of “spend, spend, spend.”


Old Labour bankrupted Britain in the 1970s. Many are asking if the current Government are taking us down that road again. Ministers used to boast they had ended “Boom and Bust”, but now we face recession, partly as a result of their excessive borrowing and lack of banking supervision. In their World, the economic problems we face came from America – and there were no mistakes made here. They will spend taxpayers’ money to create jobs, they claim, and by borrowing further eye-wateringly large amounts of money. They are encouraging us to keep spending even more borrowed money. Sensible Britons know that simply throwing taxpayers’ money at this situation is foolish. “Make-work” schemes are no substitute for real jobs. The recent VAT cut from 17.5% to 15% was never going to stimulate the economy when discounts of 30% or more were already on offer in the high street. I also challenge the morality of encouraging people who have already “maxed out” on credit to borrow even more.


As we face difficult times, perhaps we will be drawn to think more about what really matters in life. Over Christmas, many people told me that although they spent less, they enjoyed their valuable family time even more. The main TV Channels helped in the Christmas run-up with the “X-Factor” and “Strictly” Finals and some other good programmes. Apparently, we are watching in record numbers. The new Eurovision show seems promising too.


Many people take their view of life from the papers and TV, but good news is often in short supply. Throughout the year, I see people with problems and try to help, but I also visit projects run by volunteers and charities and see some of the work done by local churches. I meet young people at schools and when they raise issues with me. I visit local businesses. Overwhelmingly, my impression is that people are good and keen to help one another through, as they always have. We will need that spirit over the coming months.

4 Responses to True Grit

  1. valery says:

    the post is great!!

    very interesting! I will definitely be back here.

  2. Terry says:

    Well said Oliver, good to see someone in Westminster can see this recession for what it is – a simple repeat of the last time Labour were in power. Reckless spending coupled with an amateurish approach to regulation leading to a recession.

    Last time it was the Labour Government’s disastrous handling of the Secondary Banks, this time they go by the name “Investment Banks”. Last time Rolls Royce went to the wall, this time? Woolworths first and now Wedgewood china. And who cops it? We do, the average man in the street.

    Same old Labour – always bankrupting the country and not giving a damn for the little people

  3. Daniel from Letchworth says:

    Didn’t know you were a fan of Westerns Oliver???

    I think its safe to say that we are all waiting around for Brown to call DRAW on the general election so we can shoot him down like the son of a gun he is!

  4. Emma says:

    That’s the spirit Oliver! Unfortunately Brown also knows about the “indomitable spirit of the Britons” and is blatantly relying on it to get through this recession. He’s taking us for granted – he knows we’ll get through this because the British can get through anything, so he’ll just keep on piling up the debt without a second’s thought for who’s going to have to pay for it all.


    P.S. I love this new blog by the way, keep up the good work!

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