New social housing in East Herts

Last week, Chief Executive of Circle Anglia Housing Association, Chris Ellison took me on a tour of their new building project in Puckeridge, where garage blocks are being replaced by 2 bedroom homes. The homes are well designed with good facilities and gardens and are for local people. The builders, Hills, are doing a good job on what are tight sites for building. These properties are very much needed if the young of the village are to be able to stay there and not move away, as so many have had to do for housing.

We then went with Manager Adrian Green to see what is proposed to improve life in Great Innings South, Watton-at –Stone. Local residents are being asked for their views on what works are needed to improve the quality of life. At one flat block, I was shown where new steps and railings would be put and how the bin store was to be improved. I was also shown the parking problems further up the road, where the grass verges are being ruined and we discussed what initiatives with the County Council Highways might be possible. I was very impressed that the Chairman of the Parish Council, Nigel Poulton walks the estate every six weeks with a representative of the Housing Association. Anyway, good to see some positive action!

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