The fires in Australia and hospital appointments

I was talking to constituents from Letchworth today who told me how sad they felt to see on TV the devastation caused by the terrible fires that have affected the State of Victoria in Australia, and to hear of the fatalities and destruction. I am sure that we all hope that family and friends there have been able to avoid the loss and damage and that the thoughts of Hertfordians are with Victorians.

I thought that Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister, spoke powerfully in condemning the fireraisers, who have caused so much misery. I have written to a friend of mine in the Victoria State Parliament Andrew McIntosh giving him my best wishes at this difficult time.

I have also been asked to look into the way “Choose and Book” for hospitals works, if you use the telephone. Apparently, no written confirmation is sent. One constituent feels that this is unhelpful for those who do not use the internet and that it is no wonder that appointments are not always kept. I think she has a point and will be asking the local NHS Chief Nick Carver what can be done about this.

It has also been pointed out to me again how difficult it is to negotiate the stairs at Letchworth Railway Station. I am pleased that our campaign has finally succeeded and that the work to put in new lifts will be done soon.

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