What a week for Margaret Thatcher fans!

Tonight, from 9 to 10.50pm, Lindsay Duncan stars as Baroness Thatcher in the BBC’s new drama ‘Margaret’, on BBC2. We just have to hope that they have done her justice!

Then there is the release of the BBC’s fantastic Thatcher Archive www.bbc.co.uk/archive/thatcher/index.shtml

To coincide with the release of ‘Margaret’, BBC Archive are ‘giving audiences a unique opportunity to view programmes from the archive in an online collection that shows how Margaret Thatcher went from one of only 30 female MPs, to become the first female Prime Minister- a rare opportunity to see how the MP from Finchley became one of the most iconic leaders in British history. “The World This Weekend” from 1971 describes Margaret Thatcher as “perhaps the epitome of the Tory Lady”, and continue describing her as “considerate, charming, well groomed and well mannered, with a nice line in hats”.’

I first met Margaret Thatcher in the early 1980s when I was North Hertfordshire Conservative Association Chairman and she came to an area event in Luton. I introduced her to our members. We spoke for a minute or two and the surprising thing was how much she concentrated on what you said. She was totally wrapped up in your conversation. It really made you feel that your opinions mattered. She also put her points very clearly and succinctly. Some people just have charisma and she is one of them. Since then, I have met her on other occasions. I walked down from the Grand Hotel in Brighton with her the day before the bombing in 1984 and introduced two American friends to her. They couldn’t believe that you could walk down the prom chatting with a Prime Minister. Of course, after the Brighton Bomb, the world changed in terms of security, but she really enjoyed the freedom to engage with people. I attended Downing Street occasions when she was Prime Minister and wonderful Dennis was giving his own clear opinions in one corner.

At Liam Fox’s wedding reception, she so enjoyed the evening that she stayed far beyond the original plan and only last week she wrote a wonderful letter celebrating the work of Mrs Brenda Ball OBE of Letchworth, a Party worker for 50 years.

Margaret Thatcher is a remarkable person and I am glad that the BBC are giving recognition to her achievement and stature.

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