Support the FA Respect campaign with Ray Winstone

When I was younger, I was joint Manager of a youth football team in Southwark with Labour MP Clive Efford – of course, neither of us was an MP then, but we did try to keep up good standards of behaviour and particularly with the referee. Of course, this is not always easy with young players and the passion football generates. Later, I used to watch my son playing youth football for Royston Eagles and although our Royston parents were well-behaved, I did notice that some teams – naturally from outside North East Herts – had very difficult parents shouting and swearing on the touchline and setting a terrible example. Some were even openly rude to the ref. Now this may be standard fare at some grounds, but it has no place in youth football and I do think some senior teams could do a lot better.

I have always liked Ray Winstone as an actor and I think it’s great that he has done a video as part of the FA’s Respect campaign. Let’s hope it works.

2 Responses to Support the FA Respect campaign with Ray Winstone

  1. Daniel from Letchworth says:

    Playing footie with a Labour MP? Oliver! I suppose it was the same old story really, Reds v Blues!!!

  2. I’ve been involved in junior football for seven years as my son rises through the age groups. Last Sunday we had our first fight involving players; two lads who just got a bit heated. By contrast, we have had numerous run-ins between adults. It amazes me how well behaved the kids are, bearing in mind the examples set to them by parents at junior level and by players / officials in the Premiership. Nothing will change until the football authorities get a grip on behaviour at the highest level. While ever it’s OK for the likes of Ronaldo to throw himself to the floor and then lambast the refereee for not giving him a free kick, behaviour throughout the game as a whole will get no better.

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