Teaching Our Children To Win

The Conservative Party has just launched its policy on Sport in the UK. The part I like the most is that we want to redesign the UK School Games to become a national Olympic Games-style event. Jamaica, a country which has long over-performed for its economy and population size, has just such an event for youth athletics called the VMBS Boys and Girls Athletics Championships. It’s a fantastic example of youth sport done well, and it’s attended by thousands of kids and lots of the country’s top athletes debut there. I hope a Conservative Government is able to begin such a competition here.

Its clear that after years of disastrous decline under Labour, the country’s approach to sport needs to be radically overhauled. Although we did well at the last Olympics, competitive sport at school has waned as children are taught that “it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part”. Well not at the Olympics its not, and certainly not in the real world of professional sport. If we want to start winning at international events like the Football World Cup, the Rugby Six Nations or the ICC Test Cricket matches, we are going to have to start teaching our children to win.

Jamaica's Usain Bolt sprints to victory

Jamaica's Usain Bolt sprints to victory

One Response to Teaching Our Children To Win

  1. Daniel from Letchworth says:

    I agree completely that we need to stop mollycoddling children into “well done, you lost, but tried hard” into a much more winning mentality.

    I remember at primary school, we couldn’t play sports against other schools because our teacher believed it was wrong to compete. Now, i know nobody likes to lose, but children need to learn about winning and losing and then this may filter through to those same people when they become professional sports people.

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