Office Intern Rachel blogs on the Budget

Rachel the Intern

Rachel the Intern

Today my office intern writes her reaction to today’s Budget from the House of Commons. Take it away Rachel:

“To have the opportunity to sit in the House of Commons and watch one of the most important events of the year, especially now due to the large-scale economic down-turn, was certainly something of an experience. The two things that interested me most were the large increase in borrowing and the new money the Chancellor plans to spend on young people. Just having more new 6th form places available isn’t going to bring the numbers that the Government want to see because young people are asking what this extra education will be worth at the end of it. Most of the people I know who have applied for EMA have had to wait for months to receive the benefits, if it’s not encouraging people now why will it encourage more young people after this Budget? Overall it was interesting to see the party debates over the Budget.”

One Response to Office Intern Rachel blogs on the Budget

  1. Chris Palmer says:

    The Government wants more ‘young people’ to go into further education because it removes them from the unemployment list. However, it comes at huge cost, both to the taxpayer and those ‘young people’ involved. But, who cares, right? It’s not as thought the Government is spending its own money, is it?

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