A weekend of sunshine and showers

This was a weekend of sunshine and showers. On Friday morning I was at the House of Commons to support John Bercow’s Bill to help children with Special Needs and was glad the Government gave him some good news of future improvements. Then on the train back to Royston for a meeting at Barley School where they need some financial help after their boilers broke down leading to high heating costs. I then visited the new Children’s Home in Baldock and was very impressed. It was good to chat to staff and the young people, who had plenty of questions and points of view. Then a wonderful sunny hour as I opened the new Pavilion at the Grange Rec. in Letchworth. The Football Foundation had put in £290,000 and the North Herts Council the rest of this great £500,000 project. I have been to watch matches there and these new Changing Rooms will transform the place. The photographer had me doing “keepie uppies” with a football – something I haven’t done since I ran a Youth Football Team with Clive Efford (now a Labour MP).

I then had my surgery in Buntingford, before going to Great Ashby to meet residents. I had been avoiding the rain all day and boldly went out without my coat. Needless to say, I got soaked!

Saturday started in Furneux Pelham with some doorstep canvassing and afterwards I went to RAF Chicksands for “Beating Retreat”. MPs are very conscious of the need to support our servicemen at present and it was uplifting to hear the music and drum-work and learn more about the bravery of the “Poachers” – the Herts and Beds part of the Royal Anglian Regiment while on duty in Iraq. It spotted with rain, but we were lucky to be indoors before the downpour.

On Sunday morning I went to support Royston’s Italian Market in the pouring rain.The afternoon saw the rededication of Baldock War Memorial in its enhanced setting in the High Street. The service was very dignified and a tribute to the new Baldock British Legion, which has already built up to 100 members.

It was good to see North East Herts looking so lovely and to meet so many people doing good work for our community.

Me talking to constituents

Me talking to constituents

3 Responses to A weekend of sunshine and showers

  1. Terry says:

    Keepie-Uppies??? V impressed, just make sure you keep up the good work in Parliament too Oliver!

  2. tim says:

    Wow – and all that for no overtime!

  3. Gina Hearn says:

    I’ve not seen you for two and a half years, and yet you’re looking younger! How do you do it?!

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