Watton-at-Stone Church Fete

There is something quintessentially English about a large Church Fete on a field below a flint church flying the St George’s flag. The last two Mays have been wet for fetes and Watton-at-Stone Church Fete has been no exception, so it was especially welcome that the weather kept fine on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.

Christine and I were shown round the stalls by Ian Knight, wearing his other hat (from the River Beane Restoration Association) as one of the Fete organisers. My mother and daughter Victoria also came and enjoyed the stalls and the Tea Tent. The scones and home-made jam disrupted my latest diet. Victoria is an art student and thought many of the cups and saucers on the bric-a-brac stall “really cool and retro”.

Christine and I had a try at the grass skis and we felt that with practice … we could do well…Ian Knight used to run the darts stall and it showed. He won at “hit the pink spot” and I lost.

The dog show was a new innovation and the categories were not too strict. The winners were “beautiful dog” and “prettiest bitch” without too much Kennel Club input – just nice looking animals. The atmosphere was more fun as a result.

I was delighted that Des showed me round his traditional “Punch and Judy” Show. Everyone loved it and it makes you proud to see the tradition continue, although Des and other performers work for the pleasure of it. Parts of the act were quite scary, particularly Judy’s meat grinder! Local lads were enjoying operating the PC’s siren in his Z car and “Holby” fans had a chance to view a state-of-the-art ambulance costing £63,000.

I am short of a few runner beans and the Garden Stall obliged. It was nice to see local landowner Ralph Abel Smith on the gate collecting the entrance money and Parish Council Chairman Nigel Poulton on the “White Elephant” stall. Watton Fete did well and they hope to make £8,000 for the Church. Well done to everyone on a very worthwhile English occasion!

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