Today’s bad news on unemployment

The Office of National Statistics Labour market stats are out today. Despite the Government-funded Economic and Social Reform Council’s report earlier last week saying that we were out of recession, today’s outlook is very concerning. Official figures show that unemployment has hit 2.26m and that the jobless rate has risen to 7.2% – the highest since July 1997. This means that the last few months have seen the biggest fall in employment on record.

Even more worrying is that the unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds is now at 16.6%. Unemployment is a scourge for young people. To have young people, with their hopes for the future, unable to find work and even facing the prospect of long-term unemployment, is bad news for Britain. We want better Government help for apprentices so that they can continue their training even they lose their jobs. We must also find opportunities for them to work so that their newly acquired skills do not get rusty.

2 Responses to Today’s bad news on unemployment

  1. Day Barr says:

    Hi Oliver,

    I recently moved into your constituency. Nice to see you blogging, I have subscribed.

    I would also like to subscribe to receive new press releases as they are published on your site at, but I can’t because there is no RSS feed. Please can you ask your techie folks to add one?

    While you’re at it, can you ask them why I can’t click through to any of the press releases from that page unless I have JavaScript enabled? Very annoying.


  2. King Karlson says:

    I like your blog. I just wanted to say that I’ve been hit hard by unemployment and I just wanted to chime in. Great post

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