A great day in North East Herts

After my surgeries in Letty Green and Watton at Stone on Saturday, it was time for Christine and I to support the fetes in Rushden and Therfield. I always enjoy my Letty Green surgery at the Cowpers Arms. The friendly staff make everyone welcome and the coffee is fantastic. Councillors Michael McMullen and Linda Haysey are on hand to answer council questions. The talk was about speeding locally and I will be taking this up with Chief Superintendent Al Thomas.Watton at Stone is one of my busiest surgeries and I am lucky to have local Councillor Nigel Poulton there to help.

Rushden fete was by the Village Hall and featured some good games and stalls. I was unlucky with kicking the ball through the hoop, the darts and coconuts. The weather held and we were able to buy some plants. It was good to see so many old friends and to hear Chris Whitton on the loudspeaker.

At Therfield, I had better luck hitting a coconut down, which will be good for the birds in my garden. I thought the Rector was brave to man the “throw a sponge” Aunt Sally. Jeremy Rule undertook the golf game and it was good to see the school putting on country dancing. Christine and I enjoyed a scone and tea. New County Councillor Fiona Hill was there as was former Royston Mayor Paul Grimes. Altogether a great day in North East Herts.

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