National Prayer Breakfast

Today was the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Westminster Hall. It was good to meet up with our local Prayer Group who support my work with prayers. Over 1000 came from all over Britain to share breakfast with their parliamentarians. Proceedings were opened with a welcome from new Speaker Bercow, who spoke well.

┬áPeter Lilley read Psalm 146 “Shout praises to the LORD” and there was an interview with colourful Kids’ Company founder Camilla Batmanghelidj. She explained how many of the disruptive youngsters she helps have their root problems in parental neglect.

┬áThe main speaker was Dr Ravi Zacharias, who gave a moving address about the meaning of a soul. It was an uplifting start to the day before my Select Committee on Work and Pensions’ meeting, where we were talking about some of this week’s developments in employment and skills’ training.

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