Young Voters – a blog by Shantel Simms

Today previous intern, Shantel Simms, has returned to my office after finishing her exams to write a quick blog for me, take it away Shantel!
Shantel Simms and Big Ben

Shantel Simms and Big Ben

An issue that I am most passionate about is the involvement of young people in politics and the voting process. I believe that it is vital that the young generation are more involved in politics, especially in voting as this ensures that a fair representation of the population is considered in future political activity.

Many young people between the ages of 18-24, that I have spoken to about the subject claim that they do not believe that voting will benefit them as they feel disengaged from politics today. I believe that this idea may have arisen from the fact that in North East Hertfordshire there are not many opportunities to study politics in secondary schools or colleges, therefore there is not enough knowledge about the subject to motivate young people to want to vote.

From personal experience, it was not until I had finished both school and college and started university in London, that studying politics was an option for me. I feel that if there is the option of studying politics as an A-Level in secondary schools and colleges there will be a higher level of interest in the subject and in the voting process.

On another occasion in which I have discussed the issue of voting with young people, it was suggested that voting would be more appealing to them if it could be carried out online. With the internet largely popular with most 18-24 year olds, this seems like a refreshing idea that could make voting seem more ‘trendy’, less time consuming and more attractive to young people.

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