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Last week just for a change, we had a Czech student in for work experience. Take it away Marie Vlckova:

“A week of internship at the House of Parliament had a positive impact on my future professional career.”

Marie Vlckova

Marie Vlckova

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am a student of the final year at the English College in Prague and next year I am very keen to study International Relations and Politics at the United Kingdom. My passion for this multifaceted discipline stems from my long term interest in history and constantly changing world we live in.

I have pursued politics in various ways. I have some valuable experience from Czech Republic where I worked at the Security Policy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also interned at the Protocol Department at the Ministry of Agriculture.

With a background in Czech politics, I found an internship at the House of Parliament as a unique opportunity to build upon my interest in international policy and compare the Czech and British political perspectives. This work definitely has given me invaluable Parliamentary experience. The research of issues, including the Association of British Insurer’s Savings Manifesto and my attendance at the Work and Pension Committee gave me better insight into British political issues such as security, human rights, economic development and environment. It significantly broadened and deepened my knowledge about certain aspects of the British political system and provided a kind of understanding which is of general use for any person working in national or European public service. Moreover, the opportunity to be present at the debate about bio-fuels and the recycling of fats and oils with Mr. Oliver Heald MP in Westminster Hall helped me to familiarise myself how politicians communicate and it enabled me to improve a number of key skills including debating and critical analysis. I have also looked closely into the Marine and Coastal Access Bill which brought me better understanding of law.

The friendly working team deserve utmost praise. I have to emphasize that the working experience at the House of Parliament with Mr. Oliver Heald MP was priceless and I am very grateful for this chance, because this is a kind of work that I will always be aiming to repeat. From a very practical perspective I consider that this internship greatly prepared me for the political field.

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