Rivers on the Edge

In March a tabled an Early Day Motion entitled “Protection of River Habitats”, which now has 94 signatures and is still growing. It reads: “That this House believes that the chalk rivers of England provide a unique habitat for a rich diversity of fish, riparian creatures and rare plant species which is under serious threat; expresses concern at the recent Environment Agency finding that less than 20 per cent. of the rivers and lakes of England and Wales are currently at good status due to growing pollution, over-abstraction of water and habitat destruction; and calls on the Government to develop a plan to protect and enhance the condition of rivers, including the chalk rivers, setting firm and demanding targets.”

I am backing the WWF with their campaign “Rivers on the Edge” and was recently sent this YouTube by Charles Rangeley- Wilson, their fantastic expert. I think this video really helps to make that point, and of course its great to see one of the riversin my constituency, the Mimram, featured:

Meanwhile we are gearing up for the Minister’s visit to our stressed rivers Beane and Mimram the week after next. Minister Huw Irranca-Davies promised to come to Hertfordshire during my debate on rivers earlier this year.

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