Visiting Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School

Parliament generally does not sit on Fridays so I usually spend them getting out and about in the constituency and last Friday was no exception. In the morning I visited Hertingfordbury Cowper C. of E. (VA) Primary School.

I gave the school children a talk about what its like being a Member of Parliament and answered questions from pupils. They were particularly interested to hear about election campaigns and famous people who have visited North East Hertfordshire such as HM The Queen, HRH Prince Charles and HRH Prince Andrew. The School Orchestra was very impressive indeed and hearing them play, it was hard to believe these were primary school children . I am sure that they will take their love of music with them to their senior schools in due course. The Head Teacher, Mrs Richards, told me that they also have successful sports activities at the school. The children were well behaved and they and the orchestra are a tribute to Mrs Richards, her staff and the Governors.

Oliver at Hertingfordbury Cowper

Oliver at Hertingfordbury Cowper

The photograph shows Oliver Heald with the Head Girl and Boy, and Head Teacher Alison Richards.

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