Immigration Rise Deliberate

Speaking to local residents of North East Herts, many (including members of minority communities) have raised concerns at the weakness and inefficiency of Britain’s immigration system and I have explained the more straightforward Conservative policy.

Knowing how inefficient this Government is, I had assumed that their failure on immigration was due to the same old incompetence that runs through their overbureaucratic, spin-driven way of going on, which has led so many of the public to despair of anything they do working properly. This is the view of the public on most doorsteps – the Government could not run anything properly and you’ve got to get rid of him (the Prime Minister), “get him out”. The rise in immigration has led UK population since 1997 to go up by about 3 million. It never occurred to me that this was what they intended.

Yet, new evidence in the form of a secret policy paper clarifies that Labour’s past policy was to open the doors to immigration and was …. deliberate …. in an ill-considered attempt to boost economic growth and to meet “social objectives”. The paper has only seen the light of day following a Freedom of Information request.

Conservatives have demanded an independent inquiry into Labour secretly overseeing a deliberate open-door ­policy on immigration to boost multi-culturalism. Migrants have been thought more likely to vote Labour. Perhaps that was a motive too.

This disclosure puts Gordon Brown’s recent “British jobs for British workers” into context as a rather desperate late u-turn as the recession led to rising unemployment.

Damian Green, shadow immigration minister, has rightly attacked this secret policy. “This shows that Labour’s open-door immigration policy was deliberate, and ministers should apologise,” he said. “This makes it all the more important that there is a proper independent inquiry in the origins of this policy and whether ministers have been deceiving people.”

It is certainly true that we need the solid dependability of an immigration system that works.

4 Responses to Immigration Rise Deliberate

  1. Brittancus says:

    There is an illegal alien deterrent gaining momentum in the United States. It is called E-Verify, a computer program that could be adapted for Britain’s use.Through not mandated, is becoming very popular in the business sector. Using the Social Security, Homeland Security data bases it identifies unauthorized workers. Right now penalties are not that strict, but public attention is reigning in corrupt politicians who are pandering to open border lobbyists. If you want to learn more go to NUMBERSUSA Dot Com and JUDICIAL WATCH Dot Org in America for inspiration that patriotic indigenous British/English can use. INTRODUCE THIS IDEA TO YOUR MORE HONEST CONSERVATIVE AND LABOR REPRESENTATIVES?

  2. Daniel from Letchworth says:

    The scale of immigration to this country over the last 10 years has been truly shocking. Who now can remember the last time they went to a pub or a restaurant and there was not an Eastern European employee? Hard to do isn’t it? We don’t need facts and figures to prove that Labour has had an open door policy to immigration, just open your eyes!

  3. miopus says:

    Perhaps Oliver can tell us why he the Conservatives have done nothing to object to this over all the years they have been in opposition.

  4. Oliver Heald MP says:

    It is simply wrong to say that the Conservatives in general and I in particular have not had a strong policy on immigration. In fact, we have been accused by our opponents over recent years of concentrating too much on this important issue. I have often raised the inefficiency of the current system.

    Conservatives have developed an immigration policy based on three strands:

    First, we plan to introduce an explicit annual limit on the numbers of non- EU economic migrants. This means that there should be an annual limit on the numbers allowed to come here to work from outside the European Union, taking into consideration the effects a rising population has on our public services, transport infrastructure and local communities.

    A further step we can take to control immigration directly is the imposition of transitional controls for new EU entrants. They should be applied here as they are in other countries.

    As well as having a better controlled immigration system we badly need welfare reform and improved skills training so that we are not simply ignoring millions of British workers, which is why Conservatives have launched a plan to Get Britain Working. We need to do better in making British workers competitive.

    To reduce the amount of illegal immigration, Conservatives will ensure our borders are properly policed. No immigration system will inspire confidence if our borders remain as badly protected as they have been throughout the lifetime of this Government. A Conservative Government would introduce a dedicated border police force to protect the UK from illegal immigration, organised immigration crime and human trafficking.

    We believe that everyone coming to this country must be ready to embrace the core values of British society, and become a part of their local community. For this reason we will introduce new measures for those coming to the UK as spouses. We will also introduce an English language test for spouses to ensure that only those whose command of English allows them to play a full part in British life are able to settle in the UK.

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