One Response to Nomination

  1. alan salsbury says:

    Dear Oliver,

    I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with the Tories campaign so far. A lot of reference has been made about conservative policy and manifesto and of course, the labour heirachy in their usual devious way have twisted the information and spread alarm about the effect this would have on the country should the Tories win the election. However, I feel that we are letting Brown off the hook. Harold Wilson won an election with constant reference to “13 years of tory mis-rule” Well we have had 13 years of labour mis-rule which has left the economy in a worse position since just after the second world war. Moreover, the amount in increased taxation since 1997 is staggering. What of stealth taxes, the raid on pensions, the abandonment of the 10p tax rate, the increase in national insurance and stamp duty. The list goes on! And where did all the funds from this extra tax go, into brown’s black hole. Let us remind the voter of what they have suffered for the last 13 years and ask them if they want Brown back for another term. Cos if they don’t smarten up, that is precisely what they will get. So come on you guys, get the message across before it is too late..

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