Today’s tube strike: not so bad for all?

Who could believe it that today would bring yet another tube strike? We have had three tube strikes in the last month and to my mind, those striking have achieved nothing bar cause a huge amount of disruption and inconvenience to commuters.

That said, I did rather enjoy my walk to Westminster and noted a certain degree of camaraderie amongst other walkers, especially on such a beautiful morning. Actually, walking to work can be quite liberating and by doing so I find I have the opportunity to arrive at work fully alert and ready for the day ahead. Interestingly enough I did note that in the absence of tube services, there were a significant number of people on Boris’s bikes. Once again the bike scheme is proving a popular alternative to travel round London and this morning was certainly no exception. So not only have the tube strikes encouraged walking to work, they have encouraged other forms of very positive exercise as well.

The tubes are scheduled to resume normal services from tomorrow morning and obviously I very much hope that they do. Equally I hope that today’s example will encourage many more to realise that there are also alternative forms of travel, two of which are very good for you!

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