Welfare Reforms

This week I have been very involved in looking into the Government’s welfare reforms, which ensure that people are always better off in work than on benefits – a vigorous work programme to provide people with the help they need to get into work, and adequate training where necessary, designed to meet the skill needs of the country.

On Monday, the Select Committee on Work and Pensions went to Burnley and held a meeting with benefit claimants who are moving from Disability Benefits into work, when they are assessed as capable of doing a job. The meeting was held at Burnley Football Ground “Turf Moor” and, as reported in The Guardian yesterday, a number of people had criticisms of the Work Capability Assessment. I was able to discuss this with the Minister Chris Grayling last night and it is good to know that changes are being made to ensure that the test is fair for the future. However, what impressed me most at Burnley was that a number of people who had been on benefits for some time were pleased to be receiving help in finding work, and looking forward to taking up a job as soon as possible. If people can move from benefits into work, this is good for Britain and good for them.

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