Parliament’s Hidden Suffragette Secret

After my blog yesterday mentioning the suffragettes, I was asked to say that it was Emily Davison, the famous suffragette, who hid in parliament to be able to put on her census form that she was resident at the House of Commons on Census Day. Tony Benn put up a plaque to record this and the store cupboard she hid in behind the MPs’ chapel can still be seen today. Of course, this brave lady met a sad end trampled to death at the Derby as she protested her cause.

Today we are debating fuel prices and the future NHS changes. I hope the Government will be able to help hard- pressed motorists in the Budget. In a big rural area like North East Hertfordshire, which is over 200 square miles, motoring is important and the costs are hurting those who need to use a vehicle.

On the NHS, North East Hertfordshire was an area where in the 1990s GPs loved the freedom and took to fund-holding like ducks to water. North Herts was one of the areas which embraced it. Of course, Labour scrapped it. Now GPs are being offered the chance to lead commissioning (buying) services from hospitals. They will, of course, have administrative staff to help. This contrasts with the current situation where the officials of the PCT have this vital commissioning role. Less bureaucracy will mean more Front Line money. The new North Herts GP commissioning group is being formed and other local practices will probably join up with their colleagues in Cambridgeshire.

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