Royston Hospital

At the end of last year, I called on all my Royston constituents to respond to the consultation which is currently ongoing about Royston Hospital.
The much-loved hospital provides NHS intermediate care hospital beds for the whole of North Hertfordshire and many clinics including physiotherapy. It is home for Community Services, volunteers and the Transport team. Intermediate care beds are used where someone is ailing at home and requires a period in hospital to boost them back up before returning home or when a person has been in a general hospital and needs a bit longer to recover for home life.
According to NHS plans published last year, the building would be demolished and the site would be closed until a new care home facility could be built and opened there. This would provide normal care home beds and NHS intermediate care beds for Royston residents. This would be a change as the NHS intermediate care beds for other places in North Hertfordshire would be provided in care homes nearer to people’s homes.
I have recently met the Friends of Royston Hospital, two GPs and councillors. It seems to make sense to have the new care home built, but I am very keen that Royston should keep its clinics and other facilities presently housed at the Hospital. The consultation suggests providing the clinics at the new Care Home on the Hospital site or at the town centre Health Centre by extending the upper floor.
There are clearly timing issues. It would take time to develop the new Care Home, whilst extending the Health Centre would be quicker. There are concerns that we should have proper interim arrangements, so that clinics are not lost.
I would urge constituents to make their views known.
There is to be a conversation cafe next Tuesday 10th January at Royston Golf Course between 2pm-4.30pm where it will be possible to voice any concerns over these plans. Register by phoning Heather Aylward on 01707 369788 or emailing

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