Royston in 2012…

2012 is a big year for Royston. Along with the rest of the country we will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics. But Royston has a third reason to celebrate. It is the 850th anniversary of the founding of Royston Priory by Ralph de Rochester and this led to the development of the town. Previously, the centre of population was at Therfield, which is why the Heath is properly Therfield Heath, being in that ancient parish. There was no settlement at Royston, because there was no source of water until the monks dug their well.

I was delighted to attend the Special Dedication Service at the Parish Church and the Royston Olympic Flag Raising Ceremony at the flagpole on 8 January: . When the flag had been raised by Councillor Bill Davidson, I suggested that we all blew so that the flag filled out and as if by magic, it worked, as a gust of wind displayed the flag to perfection.

The Royston Olympic Committee is organising an exciting programme of events during the year, see details of other events which will be taking place in Royston over the next year. A fun filled schedule of events are already organised and it will be a good opportunity for the local community to unite together in the celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee too. Not only is there a “May Fayre” but also a “Party in the Park” this June in the Priory Memorial Gardens. Later on in the month there is the Priory Anniversary Church Fête just before the six week Olympic Games.

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