Hunger Crisis in West Africa

Constituents are rightly worried about the West Africa crisis and Britain will help a further million people survive the food crisis.

The Minister, Andrew Mitchell has warned that up to 1.5 million children are facing imminent starvation in the next month if the world does not take urgent action. He called on donors with strong links to the drought-stricken region of the Sahel – to step up their efforts to avert this looming catastrophe.
I am sure Andrew is right and it is good to have the Minister giving the World a push. Rainy season makes vast swathes of West Africa inaccessible for aid workers in as little as four weeks’ time.
So, what is Britain doing to help?

Latest support includes nutritional treatment, health, water and sanitation for a further 31,000 children, and food for a further 170,000 people for six months.
Animal feed and vaccinations will keep over 280,000 farmers’ livestock alive and seeds and tools for 470,000 families so they will be able to feed themselves next year as well.
Britain is now helping a total of more than 1.4 million people at risk of hunger across Mali, Niger, Chad, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. More than 100,000 children at risk of starvation in these countries will receive immediate lifesaving treatment.

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