The difference between Conservative and Labour

A constituent boldly asked me if there is a difference between Conservative and Labour. Of course there is. The Conservative-led coalition government has put in place a vital deficit reduction plan and cut the deficit by a quarter in two years. The previous Government had left the largest deficit in the G20 and a doubled national debt. Unemployment is now falling.

The Coalition has tightened up in all areas:

– capped immigration
– improved school discipline powers
– ordered new nuclear capacity
– increased NHS spending and efficiency
– introduced measures to ensure work always pays better than benefits, which have been capped
– reviewed all overseas aid to focus it on poor countries not the emerging Eastern powers

The UK had the worst deficit in the G20. We were spoken of in the same group as Greece! Not now!

These are important achievements with much more to come.

So, yes, there is a difference between those who are saving the country from the brink of bankruptcy and making a start on improving our damaged and dependant society and those who brought us close to disaster.

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