Standon’s Calling for another year…

I am pleased to hear that the festival “Standon Calling” was reissued with its licence at the start of the week, for this year’s event by East Herts Council. According to news sources the licence was reissued subject to certain criteria, which relate to security and safety, being upheld. Of course when events of this nature take place, due consideration must be given to such aspects and I am glad to hear that the concerns of the Council have now been fully answered in these two respects. If events like this are to be fixtures, the local community has to be satisfied that these issues are addressed.
The Festival has been a live music event since 2004 and it provides a platform for an eclectic mix of musicians spread between a number of different stages. In addition to the usual features associated with a festival, Standon Calling has lots of other exciting highlights too, including the use of a swimming pool and a dedicated children’s area; I note all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over 21.

There is much local support for the event and I think it provides an excellent forum for musicians to perform in relaxed and friendly surroundings, visitors to enjoy themselves and for the local economy to thrive as well. I hope this year’s event is very successful.

More about the Festival can be found here:

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