Letchworth’s International Garden Cities Exhibition

This weekend Letchworth Garden City’s Heritage Foundation is opening the doors of its former Heritage Museum at 296 Norton Way South as part of its International Garden Cities Exhibition. The Heritage Museum has been newly refurbished to accommodate the Exhibition which will pay tribute to the influence which Letchworth as the World’s first Garden City has had on other garden cities around the world.

Drawing on Ebenezer Howard’s nineteenth century principles for future New Town planning, Letchworth’s architects Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin created a model in Letchworth which many other cities across the world proceeded to emulate. This weekend’s exhibition in the Garden City will celebrate this influence and welcome global visitors interested in the garden city movement.

Significantly, I understand that the Heritage Foundation is considering its response to development plans for land north of the Grange in Letchworth. They would develop in keeping with the rest of the Garden City and its principles of self- sufficiency, with a particular focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

I am certainly very pleased that Letchworth is celebrating its rich heritage with its International Garden Exhibition, the principles from which I hope would be adhered to for further developments in the City.

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