Speaking to Lancaster University Conservative Future

I am often asked to speak to audiences outside North East Herts. On Saturday I was invited by Leighton Hughes, a constituent who is the Chairman of Lancaster University Conservative Future, to an evening of “Port and Policy.” Also attending was local MP Eric Ollerenshaw MP. The event was held in the ballroom at the Royal Kings Arms in Lancaster and was extremely well attended by over 50 young Conservatives. We discussed a range of policy issues ranging from the Human Rights Act to the political positioning of the Conservative Party. We had a very enjoyable time and it was interesting to hear the views of students who are politically active and whom the Conservative Party should be listening to. It was good to see students in action debating the issues. There was a chocolate fountain too which coupled with the port made for a great combination and very positive evening.

On Sunday I met a group of Lancaster solicitors over coffee. We discussed a range of legal issues and it was very helpful to hear their views.

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