Herts at War

This weekend I am attending the Herts at War Opening Event. With the centenary anniversary of the start of the First World War coming up next year, this project coordinated by local historian Dan Hill has been set up to give recognition to the Hertfordshire Regiment and Hertfordshire Yeomanry both of which served in the First World War and suffered substantial losses.

The project will document the lives of those in the county who served in the Hertfordshire Regiment and Yeomanry between 1914-18 and the effect this had on those left at home. As part of plans for the project, permission has been granted by the village of St Julien in Belgium for the erection of a memorial at the place where the Regiment suffered the greatest loss of lives in one day. Christine and I have visited this spot with Dan and the memorial will be a poignant reminder. It is hoped that it will be erected by 31 July 2017, one hundred years after the Battle of St Julien.

Amongst, the project’s other aims are a pop up museum, educational workshops and teaching resources for schools in addition to live events where schools can put on plays based on the true stories of those with relatives in the county who served in the war. The scheme’s website http://www.hertsatwar.co.uk which is extremely informative will serve as an archive for the research carried out and gives details of future events proposed.

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