A warning for social housing tenants…

Constituents should be aware that subletting your home if you are a social housing tenant is now a criminal offence under the Social Housing Fraud Act 2013. If social tenants are caught subletting without their landlord’s consent, they can face a penalty of two years imprisonment for the first offence and if convicted a second time they face two years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £50,000. The court also has the power to make the tenant in question pay back any profits made.

This piece of legislation is long overdue in attempting to deal with the issue of sub-letting and social housing fraud. I am aware that sub-letting happens and so I encourage any of my constituents who might be engaging in such activities to cease immediately before they are prosecuted. Social tenants are allocated their housing because of their housing requirements. They should not be seeking to make a profit from it and if they no longer need to live there, they should let the Housing Association house one of the families on the Register, who really need a home.

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