Constituent concerns about the humanitarian situation in Syria:

I know many of my constituents are concerned about the humanitarian situation for those in Syria and for those Syrian refugees who have fled to nearby countries. On Wednesday the Home Secretary Theresa May made a statement to the House about the UK efforts which have been made to help these people. She referred to the need for a peaceful political solution to the ongoing civil war and talks are ongoing in Geneva in order to try and achieve this. In the meantime the UK is the second biggest bilateral donor (after the United States) to the Syrian relief effort and has already provided £600 million of which £500 million has already been allocated to refugees and those internally displaced.

For some time people have been looking to the UK to provide greater sanctuary for Syrian refugees and Theresa May also announced plans to run a “vulnerable person relocation scheme” which will assist with the relocation of those individuals where evacuation from the region is the only option and they have been nominated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR). This programme is intended to help survivors of sexual violence and torture.

The UK is making a valiant effort to the help those in Syria. It is especially important that we help those who have suffered as a result of torture and sexual violence. We must hope that a political solution can be found to the civil war and fast, but in the meantime as a country constituents can rest assured that we are certainly providing tremendous assistance to those that need it most.

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