The Little Hadham A120 Bypass

I was pleased to hear that progress is being made regarding the plans for the A120 bypass at Little Hadham. According to the latest information that I have received if funding is secured for the scheme, then construction of the bypass could be completed by 2019. Interestingly I note that the A120 bypass scheme will include flood alleviation measures for the River Ash, the Albury Tributary and the Lloyd Taylor Drain which will seek to provide protection for Little Hadham and the surrounding areas from flooding. With this in mind Herts County Council and the Environment Agency will be carrying out a number of environmental and technical surveys in the Little Hadham area and these will begin about now. I know that many of my constituents have been affected by the Hadham lights and will be pleased to hear about this good news. More details about the plans for the bypass can be found here.

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