Multi-Agency Review Meeting in Little Hadham to look at flooding issues

Recently I convened a Multi Agency Review meeting at the Little Hadham Village Hall to discuss the flooding which hit the village and surrounding areas back in February. There were a number of agencies represented at the meeting which was well attended by local residents, including the Little Hadham Parish Council, the Environment Agency, Thames Water, East Herts District Council, Herts County Council and Herts Fire and Rescue. We discussed the options which could be put in place to prevent the terrible flooding which I witnessed back in February happening again and various solutions presented themselves.

Obviously the A120 Bypass work will help prevent many of the flooding issues which have arisen and we will hear this summer whether funding for this has been granted. In the meantime there were references to looking at the situation of reservoir ponds above the Lloyd Taylor Close drain which seemed a sensible idea and dredging of the nearby Ash river. We also discussed what could be done about the flooding of houses in Green Street and at Pathway Cottages.

The good news is that there is funding available within East Herts District Council to get on with some of this work and more money can be applied for through the flood defence grants which the Government has made available. During the meeting I pressed Thames Water on their two pumps which are faulty and we received assurances that these would be either properly mended or replaced. The Environment Agency is to hold another meeting before Easter to address further resident concerns and I encourage local constituents to attend this so that they can make their views heard. I understand the date of the meeting will be published in the parish magazine.

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