Cycling within the A10 Corridor and the A505 crossing…

I am glad to see that following my press release last November calling for a safe crossing over Royston’s A505 By-pass, funding proposals for the bridge were recently discussed at a meeting held by the A10 Corridor Cycling Group. I understand those at the meeting looked at the SUSTRANS report which examines cycle links in and out of Royston. Clearly a crossing over the A505 would greatly help both with improving these and the connection of cycling routes within the A10 corridor as well. Local councillors briefed those at the meeting about the funding bids that are being submitted to help pay for the construction of the crossing and there was discussion about the cycling group’s annual bike ride (intended to raise awareness about cycling in the area) which is scheduled for 18 May. There will be two rides departing simultaneously from Royston Heath and Trumpington Park and Ride in Cambridge. I am a firm supporter of cycling within the constituency and I hope that the funding bids for the A505 crossing are successful. More details about the A10 Corridor’s Cycling Group’s campaign and its ride can be found on the group’s website.

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