Good unemployment figures

It really is wonderful to see yet another improvement in the unemployment figures, both for North-East Hertfordshire, and nationally. The long-term economic plan, though tough, is most definitely working. For the first time since the start of Labour’s recession, unemployment is down to below 2 million. Down 412 in NE Hertfordshire, and nationally, it dropped by 538,000, which is the biggest annual drop ever recorded. Nearly half of this is a drop in youth unemployment, which shows that this government really is getting young people into work. Also, the number of people on Job Seeker’s Allowance is down by half-a-million since the last election, which is a testament to our welfare reforms and the ability of Conservative economic plans to get people off benefits and into a job.

All these drops in unemployment are the best possible news to those to those who have now found work. The number of people in full-time work has increased by 1.26 million since the election, including record numbers of women, and over the last year, the UK had the highest growth in the G7. Britain is leading the way in the developed world in reducing unemployment, and we’re giving great opportunities to more and more people every day. I am proud to have been a part of these enormous economic improvements.

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