A new information website for SMEs

I am happy to see that small businesses can now access information and advice to help them make the most of communications services, following the launch of a new dedicated online portal from Ofcom. The site – www.ofcom.org.uk/adviceforbusinesses – includes advice specifically tailored for businesses on choosing or switching to a new provider, as well as information on navigating and negotiating contracts, and resolving complaints with a provider. It sets out clearly Ofcom’s role and the rules communications providers must follow when dealing with business customers, offering advice on landline telephone, broadband, mobile and postal services. A summary of the rights of businesses, both large and small, is also available.

Small and medium-sized businesses are a vital part of the economy, and their success is instrumental in securing the jobs that we need to remain prosperous and competitive in the global race. As we communicate in ever-faster, better, and more complicated ways, it is very important for businesses to be able keep pace and receive help in understanding technological developments. SMEs must be able to benefit from competition and innovation in the market wherever possible and receive regulatory protection where necessary, and I am glad that Ofcom is helping this happen with this new website.

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