Positive News on Flood defence in Little Hadham

I held a very constructive Multi-Agency Flooding Meeting in Little Hadham recently. It followed my meeting in March this year and chased up the action points agreed. The meeting was held jointly with Jonathan Forgham of the Parish Council and the various public bodies.

The Environment Agency is to ensure the River Ash is kept clear of vegetation and debris. A deflector is to be installed at the Lloyd Taylor Drain by the bridge next to the A120 and a river gauge will be erected near the Village Hall by the end of this month so that people gauge and report how high the river level is. Gravel shoals and the concrete Ford north of the Village Hall are to be cleared and there is ongoing work at Green Street to see what is causing the drain blockage there.

Looking ahead and to raise awareness about possible flooding in the area, the Herts Fire and Rescue Service in conjunction with Herts County Council’s resilience team have been carrying out important work distributing leaflets to homeowners who might be at risk and this advice can be found online here.

Thames Water is planning new pumps and seeking OFWAT approval for spending of £300,000. East Herts District Council are paying thousand of pounds in repair and resilience grants and flood alleviation money.

I was pleased to hear that the Environment Agency has agreed £1.1 million flood alleviation money which forms part of the A120 Bypass Scheme. The Environment Agency has offered to take interested residents to a similar scheme which is successfully working in Upshire, Essex.

This was a very positive meeting and I appreciate the hard work of the all the local and government agencies that have been involved in dealing with Little Hadham flood defence.


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