A report from a work experience student who spent a week at my office

On my first day of work experience with Sir Oliver Heald MP and his wife, Christine, I accumulated opinions for and against the Hunting Act which, despite proving to be unnecessary due to the cancellation of the vote, gave my experience an initial sense of importance.

Another highlight of my week, working as an intern, was seeing Boris Johnson in Parliament during the budget debate, and to hear him make a short speech during the debate made the experience even more memorable. This debate was also the subject of heated discussion, as the budget proved to be a controversial topic, which was both entertaining and exciting.

Also, overseeing London from the top of the House of Commons – which I was told was the best view of Big Ben possible – was a truly magnificent experience as only a small selection of people can have access to such an extraordinary location.

When approaching the mid-point of the week, I was given the opportunity to deliver a petition, from North-East Hertfordshire, to 10 Downing Street. Despite the slightly intimidating policemen with machine guns, delivering the petition and having our photos taken at the door made for an incredible occasion. Furthermore, a tour of the Houses of Parliament proved to be very interesting. I was shown a bit of damage done to one of the tables in the House of Lords which is apparently caused by Winston Churchill slamming the ring on his finger against the table viciously when giving speeches. It is fascinating to know about the traditions that are still carried out in this modern-day democracy.

In addition, I watched other Parliamentary discussions regarding whether sex education lessons should continue at school, and whether only English MPs only should vote for English laws. During this, I was not only interested by the oral questions but the traditions within Parliament, such as the repetition of the phrase ‘my honourable friend’.

Finally, I completed two press releases during the latter end of the week. One of which was for the National Responsible Business Champion Award which took place in the Speaker’s house and was a very prestigious occasion. Secondly, I created a press release regarding the unemployment figures in North-East Hertfordshire.

To summarise, my week as an intern was very memorable, and the opportunities that I was given made me feel very honoured to be within such a prestigious place.
-Marcus Hutchinson

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