Government announcement of further capital funding to improve the productivity of our local roads

I welcome the Government announcement that further capital funding will go to local councils in 2017/18 to improve the productivity of our local roads. Substantial funding is being provided.

Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under-secretary of State for the Department of Transport made clear that “our roads network is used by 95 per cent of people every day and its vital this lifeline is enhanced and maintained. That is why the Government is committed to upgrading and renewing the local highway infrastructure.”

I am delighted that Hertfordshire has such a substantial allocation of funding. For Hertfordshire, there is a total allocation for 2017/18 of £20,692,000. The Highways Maintenance Block Needs Formula will benefit from £15,828,000 of the allocation. The Pothole Action Fund and the National Productivity Investment Fund benefit from £1,293,000 and £3,571,000 respectively. Our roads network is a crucial area of our public infrastructure, and this will help in improving productivity and easing of congestion. I am confident this will keep Hertfordshire moving ahead.

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