A low carbon China beckons?

November 18, 2010

This week, I met the Shell UK expert helping China with low carbon solutions to its infrastructure challenges and I was also particularly cheered to hear of the news that at the GLOBE forum chaired by Lord Deben held in Tianjin last week, China announced plans to introduce comprehensive climate change legislation.

In a time in which climate change is an increasingly pressing issue and seldom out of the news it is extremely encouraging and a major step forward that such a country like China is willing to address this concerning matter and commit to positive measures to deal with it.

The Globe Forum is doing invaluable work and I commend them thoroughly on their valiant efforts in enlisting the support of such countries across the world to tackle this important area.

Launch of the WWF report on the Rivers Beane and Mimram

April 29, 2010

Today I went to the launch of a report the WWF have produced into the River Beane and the River Mimram. The precious chalk rivers of England are in a very poor ecological state, often running completely dry in the summer, so the World Wide Fund for Nature’s backing is very good news indeed. This is an excellent report and I hope it will be a powerful tool in the mission to save these “rivers on the edge”.

Me and the river Mimram

Me and the river Mimram