The latest economic figures from the ONS – the plan is working

January 28, 2015

It was nice to see good economic figures coming from the Office for National Statistics. In 2014, the British economy grew by 2.6%, the fastest since 2007, before the start of the Brown crash. This 2.6% growth is up from 2013’s 1.7%, and many economic sectors are performing well. Locally, our economy is growing even faster, at 6% a year.

On top of this, the IMF is predicting national growth of 2.7% next year, with other forecasters predicting figures as high as 3%. We have every reason to be encouraged by the state of the national finances.

These results put the UK amongst the best-performing of all the major economies, and, with oil prices tumbling, credit remaining affordable, and inflation at a record low, disposable income is rising. This puts us in a strong position.

There are international storm clouds and uncertainties of the General Election are coming up. It is more vital than ever that the UK sticks to our long-term economic plan and stay on the road to a more stable and more secure future. A Labour/SNP coalition would lead to economic chaos.