The Olympics and the Paralympics…

August 16, 2012

After all the time and effort spent preparing for the Olympics, I thought they went seamlessly -and I am not just talking about the brilliant medal tally GB achieved. Every day during the last two weeks, the BBC provided coverage of the many and interesting sports which athletes from across the world can take part in and when I could, I very much enjoyed watching them. I was lucky enough to attend the Olympic Park to watch one of the first basketball games live between Great Britain and Russia and despite the wet weather on the way to the Olympic Park which failed to dampen the British spirit, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. The whole park looked wonderful and was adorned with beautiful borders of flowers, which I understand were all grown in Norfolk. The support for spectators getting to the event, whether in the form of clockwork transport, smiley volunteers eager to assist with direction or just general lavatory facilities at the venue, was extremely efficient too. By last Sunday’s closing ceremony I scarcely wanted the Olympic experience to end but needless to say the closing ceremony like the opening one was a fitting tribute to the Games successfully interspersed with typically British overtones.

Thankfully however the Olympic experience is far from over because in under two weeks from now the Paralympics will commence and once more when I can, I will once more be able to indulge my fascination with sport. -For the Olympic events which have already taken place however, well done to all the incredible athletes who performed in them and well done to Lord Coe and his amazing team for making it happen. -For the Paralympics which have yet to start, good luck to all those taking part (especially the British ones) and let’s hope the medal tally is equally as high!