Victory for Autism today

February 27, 2009

Today I am delighted that Cheryl Gillan’s Austism Bill won the vote in the Commons and will now go forward to the committee stage despite the Government opposing it. This is a victory for all those campaigning for a better deal for people with autism. This Bill will bring hope to the thousands of people’s lives affected by autism; well done Cheryl.

Cheryl Gillan’s Autism Bill

February 26, 2009

Tomorrow I will be backing Cheryl Gillan’s Autism Bill in the House. The Bill, supported by the main autism charities, would ensure that local councils provide much-needed support for people with autism and their families.

I know from constituents I am in touch with how important it is that autistic people are provided with the right kind of support, and this Bill promotes a multi-agency approach to the delivery of services to ensure an effective transition from child to adult services.

I and several other MPs supporting the Bill met Ministers on Tuesday and were told that the Government would agree to several of the proposals being put forward, including issuing new regulations to ensure Local Authorities take the needs of children with autism into account in their planning, and new guidance to help Local Authorities implement the Government’s Adult Autism Strategy. We could now decide to drop the Bill and wait for the Government to make good on its promises, but the need for action is urgent and we will continue with our efforts to put the Bill on the Statute Book so that the commitments are firm in law. The neglect of autism must be addressed.