Reports from a couple of work experience students who spent time in my office

June 14, 2016

My honourable friends, I’d like to thank Sir Oliver Heald and his wonderful staff for surpassing my expectations (which were very high) in the five days I have spent here. My intentions of a career in law have been further rubber stamped by this experience and Sir Oliver’s senior position as an MP and former minister have certainly given me a new found ambition for the world of law and politics.

My highlight of the week, amongst a large quantity of unforgettable experiences, was most definitely Mike Ashley’s (owner of Sports Direct and Newcastle United Football club) committee hearing in Portcullis House. Newspapers and various media types engulfed this story as it took centre stage on Sky News. Seeing these events unfold live was a privilege and the atmosphere generated in the room could not be replicated on a television at home.

Renowned experience like this is invaluable to myself and I’d again like to thank Sir Oliver Heald for taking myself and Amy on, especially during the climax of the current referendum. Sir Oliver and his staff have made this experience surreal and something that I will always cherish and look back fondly on. –Jack Logan


It has been such an amazing experience to have been given this fantastic opportunity. Although politics was something I previously shared an interest in, it wasn’t until I had the privilege of coming here that I realised how fascinating this field is. Being able to work with Sir Oliver Heald MP and his amazing staff, I have been able to emerge myself into the world of politics, and gain a real insight into such an intrinsically fascinating subject, and I have since been inspired to take a further interest in politics and international relations.

Although I was able watch many debates, the highlight of my week was definitely witnessing Mike Ashely’s committee hearing. This is not just because it was something that had been overwhelmed by media coverage, but also because I was able to see how the government deals with both pressing and difficult issues. Furthermore, it has been amazing to have been able to work in such a renowned building, and to have experienced something that so few people do.

Overall, this week has been truly inspirational and eye-opening, and I would like to say a huge thank you to Sir Oliver Heald MP for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to thank his fantastic staff; Christine, Mara, and Robert for helping me throughout the week. It has been a truly amazing and surreal experience that I shall never forget. – Amy Jordan