The difference between Conservative and Labour

June 13, 2012

A constituent boldly asked me if there is a difference between Conservative and Labour. Of course there is. The Conservative-led coalition government has put in place a vital deficit reduction plan and cut the deficit by a quarter in two years. The previous Government had left the largest deficit in the G20 and a doubled national debt. Unemployment is now falling.

The Coalition has tightened up in all areas:

– capped immigration
– improved school discipline powers
– ordered new nuclear capacity
– increased NHS spending and efficiency
– introduced measures to ensure work always pays better than benefits, which have been capped
– reviewed all overseas aid to focus it on poor countries not the emerging Eastern powers

The UK had the worst deficit in the G20. We were spoken of in the same group as Greece! Not now!

These are important achievements with much more to come.

So, yes, there is a difference between those who are saving the country from the brink of bankruptcy and making a start on improving our damaged and dependant society and those who brought us close to disaster.

Out on the Campaign Trail in Royston

April 22, 2010

Conservative Shadow Environment Minister visits the River Beane

April 14, 2010

The Manifesto is launched!

April 14, 2010

Markets take fright at Labour Opinion Poll

March 3, 2010

As soon as the weekend Opinion Poll showed more Labour  support, the Markets took fright and the cost of Government borrowing went up as interest rates rose. For months, the Government has been shielded from the true state of business confidence in their abilities, because the assumption has been that the Conservatives will win and rein in Labour waste and overspending. The Opinion Poll showing just a 2 point lead has shaken them out of this cosy complacency. Now we see the professional investor’s view of Labour – disastrous! Several papers pick up on Ken Clarke’s warning yesterday that a Labour election victory would panic the markets and hammer the Pound. In the Mail, a leader explains why the markets don’t trust Labour. Ken is right to point out the blunt realities. Experts investing funds for their clients including pension funds know that this Government has spent and borrowed even when the economy was doing well. Now there is not enough money left, they are printing extra money to pay for their borrowings. It is like the person maxed out on their credit card simply getting another card and another card. Borrow, borrow, borrow…print money, print money… borrow, borrow is the road to national ruin. It is the historic Conservative mission to save the day after a period of Labour recklessness and we can rein in spending, achieving better value for the taxpayer’s money, without damaging front line services. Britain can’t stand another 5 years of Gordon Brown’s Labour.

Me thinks they do protest too much.

March 2, 2010

Do you agree with me that there is something pretty sickening about Labour protests over Lord Ashcroft’s tax affairs? It is tired, desperate stuff. After all, he has followed the law and kept faith with the promises he made. The Labour spokesmen like Lord Mandelson and Jack Straw pontificate, but they have plenty of donors with the same tax status as Lord Ashcroft. The fact is that now that Conservatives are more popular, Labour supporters don’t like it, so they suggest changing the voting system and try to put off Tory donors. Surely, they would be better off apologising for running our economy into the ground, damaging the interests of all age groups and coming up with some real plans to save the country from the mess they’ve made.

Will Equitable Life be left to Conservatives to sort out?

February 24, 2010

I have just been to the meeting of the Equitable Life All Party Group to hear Minister Liam Byrne and Sir John Chadwick explaining the current situation on compensation. It was clear that the Government has been dragging its feet in making decisions to allow Sir John to consider the sort of flexible and wide-ranging scheme he envisaged. Now we are told there is to be a further consultation on a third interim report from Sir John and a final report to Government in May. Meanwhile, policy holders are dying of old age. The irony is that it may be left to a new Government to make final decisions – Labour having kicked the issue well into the long grass over such a long period. It does seem that Government and Sir John envisage that the estates of the deceased will have a claim on the compensation scheme, but that does not make it right that the policy holder has had to wait so long.