The Royal Wedding

April 28, 2011

As we approach the Royal Wedding, I think most of us will be wishing the young couple well and that they have a long and happy life together. Although some marriages have their problems, I think most of us agree that a good marriage is a huge blessing and a good platform for bringing up children.

I am glad that Prince William and Kate have chosen Westminster Abbey, which is the traditional setting for Royal Weddings, and a grand old church. Because it is near to the House of Commons, I have often visited Westminster Abbey and I do think it is a remarkable building. It is marvellous to think that it dates back to before the Norman Conquest and has been at the centre of our nation’s activities all that time.

I am sure that many men will envy William and many women will think how marvellous it is to grow up and marry a Prince. The eyes of the world will be on Westminster and I look forward to joining in with the huge celebrations across North East Hertfordshire.

A Royal Wedding next year…

November 17, 2010

I was very pleased to hear of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton yesterday afternoon. It is extremely exciting for them and in changing times for the monarchy I am sure that Miss Middleton will prove herself worthy of the task. I know like me that all in North East Herts are wishing the couple well in their future life together. It will be lovely to have a royal wedding to look forward to next year.

The new statue of the Queen Mother

February 24, 2009
Statue of The Queen Mother

Statue of The Queen Mother

Hertfordians feel a special pride in Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother because of her close connection with St Paul’s Walden and in North East Hertfordshire many residents will agree that it is excellent that she now has a really good statue.

I visited the new statue in the Mall today. Many others were there. It was very good to see a proper statue of her and people were saying how much better as a memorial than a fountain or something less personal. The statue is next to the late King and is exactly right as my photograph shows.

There is a warm welcome for the memorial because of the affection so many of us feel for the Queen Mother. Those of an older generation remember her bravery during the War when she and the King spent so much time in London and were bombed, while people of my age think of her as a very hard working and kindly figure, who gave so much of herself to her role. She will be remembered anyway, but this will keep her name alive for the future.

Statue of the Queen Mother close-up

Statue of the Queen Mother close-up